Even before the recent price spikes caused by the Biden Administration’s actions to curtail domestic energy production, our state’s energy prices were among the highest in the nation.  This is, in no small part, a result of state made decisions about energy production.  These self inflicted wounds can be cured.  In response to questions received on the campaign trail about what I would do to lower energy costs, I have added an issue plank on Energy to the issues page on this site.  Most of what’s in the plan was discussed on a recent edition of Girard at Large, my public access TV show on Manchester Public TV Channel 23, which airs live every Thursday from 7 to 8 PM, with various reruns during the week.  If you don’t have Comcast or live in the city, you can stream it live at www.manchestertv.org.

Below is a video of the show on July 21, 2022 where I shared my thoughts on this important issue and added some comments on this idea of “climate change.”  Enjoy and feel free to comment, share or ask questions.  Thanks!

Climate Change and Energy Policy Video Clip