MANCHESTER, NH October 20, 2022–Responding to the recent CDC recommendation that school children, including those in Kindergarten, receive COVID-19 vaccine shots to be enrolled in school, Republican NH Senate candidate Richard Girard issued the following statement:

While this is ‘just’ a recommendation from the CDC, it’s a foregone conclusion that school districts across our state will decide to mandate children receive these shots in order to attend school.  This is unacceptable.

“First, the data is convincing and clear.  School children, including those in high school, are not at mortal risk.  Therefore, the vaccine is not required to keep children safe.

“Second, the vaccines are still considered experimental.  Given that COVID poses little if any risk to the vast majority of children, forcing their exposure to these vaccines absent any long term data that allows us to understand their risk is unnecessary and wrong.

“Third, parents are fully capable of making decisions about this for their children.  Where they have questions or concerns, they will speak with their family physician.  Such mandates impose an intolerable burden on families who can’t opt out of their local government school for whatever reason.

“Finally, giving kids ‘the jab’ isn’t necessary to protect teachers or other staff who are concerned about COVID.  They can get the shots if they so choose.  And, while we’re on the topic, no government employer should be able to require the COVID vaccine.  We now know that those who aren’t vaccinated pose no risk to those who are and their decision not to get jabbed should be respected, not punished or overturned.

“As senator, I will support any legislation that prevents school boards or districts from imposing a COVID vaccine mandate to attend school.  Parents have the right to make these decisions for their children.”