MANCHESTER, NH  October 23, 2022–Responding to recent news reports warning of potential electrical blackouts due to an insufficient supply of natural gas, Manchester Republican state Senate candidate Richard Girard issued the following statement:

“We’re now facing power outages in the winter, when we’re most dependent on electricity, because anti fossil fuel climate extremists have driven energy policy for far too long. This has now put our economy and people’s lives in danger.  The closure of reliable power plants must be off set by the opening of modernized, more environmentally friendly power plants if we are to meet our needs.  Wind and solar just can’t replace the amount or reliability of power lost from these plant closures.

“Now that people are facing blackouts, I hope policy makers will truly adopt an ‘all of the above’ approach.  We need to revisit getting power from Hydro Quebec.  Building the second nuclear reactor at Seabrook has to happen.  Expanding trash to energy capacity solves multiple problems.  And, quite frankly, expanding pipeline capacity to facilitate our enormous dependency on natural gas has to be a priority.  As senator, common sense, not climate extremism, will guide my votes on energy policy.  We need more supply from more sources of power and I am committed to bringing as many of them on line as possible.”