Governor Chris Sununu

District resident and former US Attorney, Executive Councilor and State Senator Tom Colantuono

Executive Councilor David Wheeler
Former Executive Councilor Earl Rinker

NH House Speaker Sherman Packard
Former NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien

NH Senate President Chuck Morse

NH Senator Bob Giuda
NH Senator Jeb Bradley
NH Senator Kevin Avard
NH Senator Regina Birdsell
NH Senator Sharon Carson
NH Senator Gary Daniels
NH Senator Harold French
NH Senator Ruth Ward
NH Senator Jim Gray
NH Senator John Reagan

Former NH Senator David Boutin
Former NH Ed Chair Ovide Lamontagne

Skip Murphy, Founder of GraniteGrok.com
We The People-The Resolve
Rebuild NH

Surveys and Pledges Taken

Coalition of NH Taxpayers  – I took The Pledge against a state sales or income tax.
GraniteStateTaxpayers.org – I scored 100% on their survey about taxes.
Americans for Tax Reform – I took their Taxpayer Protection Pledge.
US Term Limits – I took their Pledge to support term limits.