Upon learning of his endorsement by Cornerstone, District 20 state senate candidate Richard H. Girard issued the following statement:

“I am honored to have Cornerstone’s endorsement and gratefully accept it.  Cornerstone has spoken courageously for common sense legislation in the face of the very hostile, politically correct ‘wokeism’ that has characterized social issues for the past two decades or more.  The key issues they fight for are, pardon the pun, the cornerstones of American civil society and they stand for the truth and common sense views I believe most Granite Staters hold.  I am proud to be recognized as an ally on the issues they hold dear.”

“I ask my supporters to donate now or otherwise see how they can help now so that we can better leverage this endorsement in the fight against a Democrat opponent whose opposition to everything Cornerstone, this campaign and our supporters stand for, spans his 24 years in the senate.