“Count me among those who believe the President should focus on executive action.” 

That’s what state Senator Lou D’Allesandro wrote in May.  He wrote a lot of other interesting things, too.  Please take a read!

Anyway, Biden’s used his pen again; this time to bail out student’s with school debt, which most people don’t know is owned and operated by the feds!  When Obamacare passed, the federal government nationalized student loans and set the interest rate at 6% to help fund Obamacare!  Then, it farmed out loan servicing to the agencies it took the loans from because, well, it had no capability of servicing the loans.

Now, thanks to Biden, taxpayers who either are paying, have paid or NEVER HAD student loans will end up paying the estimated $500,000,000,000 (Right, that’s 1/2 a TRILLION DOLLARS!!) instead of the students who voluntarily incurred the debt to go to school.  

Biden says student debt is a “crisis.” (Isn’t everything?)  Why is that, exactly?  What crisis exists that those who are paying, have paid or have never had student loan debt should pay the debts of those who willingly borrowed money to go to school?  If student debt is such a crisis, why isn’t the program being shut down to protect students from reaching “crisis?”

Senator, the working people of District 20, who are going to pay for this in higher taxes and even higher inflation, deserve to know:  Do you support this unprecedented use of executive power?  Is this something you envisioned when you wrote your article urging the President to bypass Congress?

Please donate to my campaign if you don’t agree with this egregious use of executive power.