MANCHESTER, NH September 20, 2022–Republican District 20 state senate candidate Richard Girard blasted yesterday’s dismissal of the lawsuit filed by a Manchester paren whose child’s transgendered behavior in school was intentionally withheld from her per the policy of the Manchester School District.

In dismissing the case, Hillsborough County Superior Court Judge Amy Messer wrote:

“(T)he right to make decisions about the care, custody, and control of one’s child is not absolute,”

It making that statement, it appears as if Messer agreed with the school district’s argument to dismiss the motion, which asserted:

“Whatever the scope of a parent’s rights vis-a-vis their transgender or gender nonconforming children, they do not include the right to force a school district to act as a conduit for the parent exercise of those rights in this fashion.”

In response, Girard issued the following statement:

The district’s claim that the school district doesn’t have to follow a parent’s instructions regarding their children is as arrogant and outrageous as its policy preventing parents from being told about their children’s behavior.  In addition to thinking it knows better than the parents, the district apparently thinks it is the parent during school hours.  This cannot be allowed to stand.  As to the court, if a parent’s right is not absolute, then what is?  Where does it end and why?  Who decides that?  The schools?  The court?  Who?

No parent should be kept in the dark about their children’s behaviors or activities in school.  How can it be that parental permission is necessary for kids to go on a field trip or take an aspirin but not to change their gender identity in school? It’s absurd!  Depriving parents of critical information about their child’s health and well being is just wrong. Unlike my opponent, I will support a Parental Bill of Rights to correct this.

Girard voted against the policy that got the district sued and successfully led the effort to prevent its adoption by the board.  It passed after a new board was seated in 2020.  Girard did not seek reelection.