That’s right, today is Rich’s birthday!  To help him celebrate, we made this brief two minute and 40 second video we hope will make you smile, laugh, meet our family and share a little about Rich.

We had to do it this way because he says he’s “got more important things to do” than celebrate his birthday.  He works so hard for our family and our community we think he deserves some recognition of his special day.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Rich’s birthday by watching this video and, as a gift, donating one dollar for every year he’s been on the planet.  You’ll have to watch the video to know just how long that’s been, though!

The kids and I sincerely thank you for supporting Rich.  He’s a wonderful husband and father and we know he’ll be a great state senator!.

God Bless,


PS:  Click here to donate $1 for each year of Rich’s life!  Thank you!