Yup, it was a busy week on a number of fronts, including the media.  See our interviews and news coverage below!

Gov. Chris Sununu endorses Girard, Dem. Party Chair Buckley attacks, Union Leader coverage.

Radio interview on Morning Update with Drew Cline AM, Part 1:

Drew Cline, Part 2:

Radio interview on NH Today with Jack Heath:

Parental Bill of Rights News Conference with Karoline Leavitt, WMUR coverage, Union Leader coverage,  Full event on YouTube (<10 minutes)

The Girard at Large TV show, covering Manchester’s attack on a major local property owner because his property was trashed by homeless vagrants it has refused to deal with, parental rights, some “Oh My HEAD” info about why electric rates are so high, and Abortion-new polling suggests it’s not the electoral juggernaut the Democrats want you to believe it is!